700MHz Spectrum Changes

Based on FCC’s recent 700 MHz R&O, NRPC is planning to make the following changes to CAPRAD database. Your feedback is important to NRPC on this very important matter. We want to know if the changes as shown below are acceptable. Please email your comments/feedback to the appropriate regional District Director.

Original CAPRAD
Reserve General Use
Seconary Trunking Air to Ground
Reserve General Use D
24 Channel from Reserve pool
8 Channels from Secondary Trunked pool
8 identified Deploy-able channels from Reserve Pool, regional consideration


The National Regional Planning Council (NRPC), is a collaborative network consisting of both 700 MHz & 800 MHz public safety Regional Planning Committees as established by the Federal Communications Commission.

What's on the horizon?

800 MHz NPSPAC Rebanding - Questions or concerns about rebanding got you down? Maybe the members on the fifty five 800 MHz Regional Planning Committees can help. Contact your District Director via email for help.

700 MHz Band - What's happening with 700 MHz in your area? Have questions, how to get started, where to apply for spectrum? Once again, the fifty five 700 MHz Regional Planning Committees can get you on track. Contact the District Director for guidance and help with your questions.

Regional Plan Development - Are you a Regional Committee Chairperson looking for some assistance with getting that last couple chapters completed so you can complete your plan? Just not sure where to go once you have a draft plan? As a member of the NRPC, reach out to your District Director for help with your questions and we can get you the necessary help to move your plan forward to completion.

Contact District Directors